Universe.25 - 2.0

So fellow humans, the time has come. When we initially started this journey back in August of 2021 not only the space was different but mainly Cardano was miles away from where we are now. Thanks to amazing devs and individuals in the space we have evolved far past, simply manually sending ADA to a random wallet hoping to get an NFT. (fun times tho....) As you all know, we want to keep pushing ourselves and ensure we remain on the cutting edge of what NFTs can do beyond looking cool as fuck. This is why we are moving forward by reworking mechanics, not a small change as it changes everything from the ground up. The goal is ambitious but fun and will be well worth it. At this stage, we would like to shout out Alessandro from Berry & Spacebudz, his ambition to keep pushing the space, is something we fully identify with. As we saw his CIP67/68 proposal we realized that this opens so many doors for us, our community and how our NFTs evolve down the road. Ok, Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.
Since this tech is still very new and lacks a lot of documentation we are still undergoing a lot of R&D (research and development), therefore this is all subject to change. However, we aim to keep everyone closely updated as we go further down the CIP67/68 rabbit hole.

Stages of the transition from V1.0 to V2.0

In the spirit to keep it as simple for everyone as we aim to figure out a smooth transition period, taking all aspects of the tech, market, and communication into account. During the boarding of the train to EUPHORIA (or redemption phase) you will be required to send your human to a temporary multi-sig wallet to safely store your human and prep him for the move to the new smart contract wallet which is linked to your new NFT. Once 2.0 is fully tested and launched, you will simply have to select your EUPHORIA.25 humans and transform them to a new NFT which will have the Society.25 humans stored safely in its individual smart contract. There is much more going on in the backend BUT from an end-user perspective that is all that will be required. Again we cannot emphasize enough how early this tech is and are going thru all the concerns to ensure the end result is something you will all be proud of.
Please note that the above illustration is using an example asset and this won't be a reflection of the actual transformation of said NFT.

Why this change?

Well mainly because our UNIVERSE25 supply will remain at 10'001, we won't be increasing supply across multiple POLICY IDs and therefore make the entire UNIVERSE25 collection confusing the further down the circles we go. Additionally, it lets you carry the History of your HUMAN in one single NFT, therefore also resulting in carrying over the value, by showcasing the NFTs linked to that one single NFT.

Why this new 2.0 token?

The reasoning behind this is that the original Society token policy is locked and cannot be evolved or modified. In order to continue pushing the bounds of the space and deliver a dope experience, we have decided to create a new token with the legacy SOCIETY.25 token attached to it.

What will my main universe token look like?

All token information will be stored within the token for all past circles, with the main information being presented in an HTML format, allowing users to view the full metadata from all circles. Checkout a preview: [PREVEW COMING SOON]

What does this mean for the future?

Well, a lot. Not only can we keep the history of every single human, but we don't have to BURN anything to keep the supply the same (as stated above). People that just joined the project won't have to fight their way thru 9 policy IDs etc. But the exciting part is what we can also add to your main NFT. Besides the obvious past versions of the human, what if we could also add an NFT to showcase that this human was a protagonist in our LORE as a reward? just a small little idea, but there is so much more we could technically do.