O'brien after his successful launch of Society25, has researched his test subjects for months and realized how isolated and dependent on their phones his test subjects have become. Now he wondered what the next step in this trend might be. In a moment of clarity, he realized that the next step most definitely will be virtual reality. He now is designing an experiment called EUPHORIA 25, where test subjects were wired to virtual reality goggles and experienced different virtual environments on and on and on. The experiment will show that virtual reality had the power to change people's lives in profound ways and O'Brien was excited to continue his research. Euphoria 25 human was the beginning of a new era in human connection, communication, and entertainment. -- For good, or bad --
As we start our first arch of UNIVERSE.25, How will your human look in that ARCH, what will change?
Bring your human to EUPHORIA.25 and discover a new side of your human! Make sure you got that ticket ready human, you won't want to miss this!

How will the Euphoria.25 Redemption work?

Each human will require you to use a ticket to board your train to EUPHORIA and therefore transform your human into a new version (as shown above). Checkout our section dedicated to our tickets and how they will impact your human transformation. #CIRCLE 2 - E25 Tickets A human can only board the ticket ONCE, there is no going back, (as if you had free will in our universe - lol -) So pick the right human and ticket while boarding the train to EUPHORIA. Each EUPHORIA token will contain the following: Euphoria NFT, Metadata, and the original society token image.
In preparation for our UNIVERSE 2.0 phase (read more about this here), we will require you to store your humans that got transferred to EUPHORIA.25 to a multi-sig wallet (this will all happen during the redemption process). This part is purely temporary store your NFT in the multi-sig wallet to later be transferred to our new Smart Contract that will hold all NFTs linked to that HUMAN. Your society token is still yours only temporarily stored to simplify the post-euphoria period.

How will my EUPHORIA.25 NFT look like?

As you know we are in the middle of a transition phase with our NFTs and part of this redemption system of our UNIVERSE V2.0 - Checkout Universe.25 - 2.0 for more info. Here we have a preview for you to see visually how the metadata will work: https://tinyurl.com/2p83ufvt​
Please note that this is a preview only and the traits/transformation isn't matching yet. For visual representation only!

How many humans will be able to board EUPHORIA.25

We will only allow a total of 6969 Humans to board the train. Once we reach 6969 boardings we will close the minting system for this specific circle.

Euphoria.25 Tickets

How to acquire a Euphoira.25 ticket?

Participate, hold and interact as simple as that. Not only we will airdrop each holder a common Blue Ticket to board Euphoria, but we will also make sure to reward community members supporting our stake pool and OG holders with rarer Red tickets. Fore more information about EUPHORIA.25 checkout: #Euphoria25​

What is the ticket supply?

Blue ticket Blue tickets are used to transform your Society.25 human into a Euphoria version.
SUPPLY: ca. 9850
Red ticket Red Tickets will transform your selected Society.25 human into a rarer, cooler, more awesome version. gifts, community events, and Duck Burning! (see more info here: SUPPLY: max. 2'000
Gold tickets are dedicated to owners of 1:1 to transform them into Euphoria.25 version.
SUPPLY: max. 16
Gold Tickets are only airdropped to the holders of the Society.25 1:1s. These Gold tickets will NOT be airdropped on the 23rd of December 2022. Instead, we will have a separate snapshot and distribute them shortly before the Euphoria mint date. (Date: TBA) This is in order to protect any future 1:1 owners that might purchase a 1:1 before mint date from then having to further negotiate for the gold ticket from the original owner.
No extortion allowed!
Glitched Tickets: Are Ultra-Giga Rare! We had some networking issues with Rufist and for some reason, we got a bunch of weird Purple tickets from an individual that signed the letter with "W".... His message says, "They shall create a unique human never seen before"
Supply: max. 10
Glitched tickets will only be distributed through community events, as rewards for stake pool delegators and certain lucky holders.
RED TICKET // 2000