Stake pool


As you all know we started this journey with an AIRDROP and we promised from day one that we will continue with that philosophy. But airdrops alone are not where we want to stop and this is why we one EPOCH per month we will giveaway to a unique gift, this can be anything from a physical print, 1:1 custom PFP made by FLAVIO or a collab 1:1 piece! Not only do we aim to always reward delegators (as we did with ducks airdrop, red ticket airdrops etc.) but this helps our project tremendously and ensures we receive smaller revenue streams thanks to the blocks our pool mints.
Don't worry the margin will always remain 0.42% and therefore always guaranteed you receive your staking rewards, no 100% margin pool here! YOUR ADA, YOUR REWARD.
Stake pool data: UNV25 Stake pool airdrops since 2022: over 130 NFTs airdropped & many more unique monthly rewards, ducks, and tickets airdrop.


Our distribution for rewards is based on an epoch cycle. We define this cycle as being 6 epochs or every 30 days. In the last epoch or epoch 6, a larger giveaway will be done.
This reward system is currently on hold and will resume in the next couple weeks. The reason is that we are restructuring the backend to be more autonomous and improve the system based on our learnings from 2022.
The rewards for the first 5 epochs are split into two categories: ADA based, and Token based. ADA based uses only the users ADA to determine the chance they have to win whereas Token based uses only the users tokens to determine. For both categories a minimum of 2 epochs staked is required for that delegator to be considered. This ensures their stake is actually supporting the pool as it takes 2 epochs before their stake is added to the Live Stake. ADA-based takes the total amount of ADA staked (ignoring the blacklisted wallets which belong to the team) and gives the user that weight of winning. For example, John has 100 ADA staked and the total staked is 10,000ADA, John has a (100/10000) or 1% chance to win. For token-based staking, the same argument applies as before. Take all the tokens staked for that given project (i.e. U25) and assign weights to each delegator. For example, John has 10 Society tokens and 1 OG token and the total staked tokens are 1000, John has a ((10 + 1) / 1000) or 1.1% chance to win.
For token-based staking, this can also take into account fungible tokens further down the road if need be 😊!!


At the end of the last EPOCH of the month, we automatically pick a winner based on their staking weight (must be a society.25). The amount of tokens staked increases your chances to be picked by our system but we also add luck factor to ensure not only people with a large amount of token win the prizes.
Please note that for the monthly EPOCH winner, we will have a cooldown of 12 EPOCHS. This will ensure we can make it fair for every delegator!


For cross-project capabilities, we will custom meet the needs of that project, but for the most part, the backend remains the same and can be adjusted to match the project's need.
More info coming soon!


But what if you have multiple tokens from the same project?

ADA-based will take into account the total ADA you have regardless of tokens but so long as you have that project's token. Token-based is the same as well, each project will take into account only its holder's tokens.

Is there a minimum ADA requirement?

Depends on the project, for token-based by default we say no requirement as it is token staking. But for taking ADA into account there will most likely be a minimum.
Please note that winners are 100% random and nobody from the UNV25 team is able to pick winners. Our devs are currently working on improving the system and automating the entire workflow to ensure this process is always on time but also FAIR!
Team-staked wallets are all BLACKLISTED from winning, are won't be included in the delegators giveaway pool!