A peek into the makers of the Universe, your mouse overlords. Meet the players behind the simulation, behind the Universe 25.

Dr. O’Brien.

Dr. O'Brien
Dr. O'Brien, or simply O'Brien, as he insists to be addressed, requires no introduction, but if you have been living in a cave for the last decade, this is a synopsis.
O'Brien is, first and foremost, a visionary. A bright and generous mind that will do what has to be done in order to improve our lives and society. The meek and the envious have always hounded O'Brien, accusing him of the most incredible things, from human trafficking and corporate espionage to financial fraud and even murder. All nonsense, of course. The typical charter surrounds all self-made billionaires.
O'Brien has been part of many fruitful humanitarian endeavors, like the Peacekeeper machines used by police departments all over the world and the CryptoServanz App, which revolutionized the world's gig economy. He is now the founder and CEO of Universe Laboratories, his final venture into the future of mice society.


Winston is the most unsavory character in the history of Universe Laboratories. Physically, Winston is remarkably similar to O'Brien, though the two mice could not be any more different where it counts. A long time ago Winston was hired by O'Brien as a private investigator, though they quickly fell out for undisclosed reasons. Ever since Winston has been on an unending crusade to undo all the progress achieved by O'Brien and Universe Laboratories.
Winston has employed all kinds of tactics to attack O'Brien, from slanderous articles in global journals to direct cyber-attacks on the Universe infrastructure and the Universe 25 simulation. The extent of the damage is yet to be fully assessed. O'Brien has for some unknown reason been very patient and measured with Winston, but it's difficult to foresee this attitude holding for much longer.


Rufist is the world's first fully sentient artificial intelligence, built by O'Brien when he was barely twenty years old. Rufist has been part of O'Brien's life for a long time, and O'Brien himself calls him his greatest achievement, as he is always working on him and improving him. Rufist works as O'Brien's assistant in all his endeavors, and sources close to the two describe their relationship as more of a friendship. A friendship where one of the friends legally owns the other and can make changes to his mind, but that's not here nor there.
Rufist runs the Universe simulations from the inside as a kind of showrunner or master of ceremonies, connecting himself to the human subjects as only he can. With the success of the Universe 25 experiment, he has asked to have an assistant of his own.


Ziggy is Rufist new assistant, and the youngest member of the Universe Laboratories family, only a few months old at the time of writing. Ziggy is, as Rufist, a fully sentient artificial intelligence, though while Rufist is mild-mannered and agreeable, Ziggy has a more eccentric personality. Ziggy has stated that his favorite piece of literature was the sci-fi classic "I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream", which he found "amusing" and "inspiring". We can safely assume that a few bugs and kinks need to be fixed yet. Also, there are some security concerns, but nothing that the team can't handle. Ziggy's primary focus is on running the Universe simulation with Rufist. His first idea for the experiment was the use of the Legion of Ducks as a surveillance mechanism, in order to obtain more complete data from the subjects. The team thought that it was an odd idea, but here at Univers Laboratories, we like to encourage new ideas and entrepreneurship.