Legion of ducks

Rubber ducks may seem innocent and harmless, but in the hands of O'Brien, they are powerful tools of surveillance. Equipped with state-of-the-art tracking technology, these ducks stealthily gather vital data on humans, reporting back to O'Brien with alarming precision. But as with any new product, haste in its production can lead to vulnerabilities, allowing savvy individuals to hack into the ducks' systems and share the gathered information with those being tested on by O'Brien. Be careful, as these rubber ducks may seem friendly and cute, but they are constantly watching and reporting back to the mastermind behind it all.
Supply: 5'005 Uniquely generated ducks with over 200+ traits. Price: 40ADA for Society 25 holders and 50ada for non-holders.

WTF are those ducks about?!

Honestly put, just a bunch of ducks created to have fun, make a collection evolving around our communities, and a way for us to introduce a sort of unique "utility token"! You know us by now, we like thinking outside of the box and our intent here was to make something that can live on an open policy for us to keep playing around with and introduce a way to BURN your way to the top. View it as our version of a cool utility token. Thanks to the ducks we are able to introduce fun and interactive ways to earn rewards not only for our upcoming EUPHORIA.25 Drop but also for future events!

Legion Of Ducks - Community traits

Not only was it important to make something unique and look fun in your wallet, but our goal was to have fun, and commemorate all the humans that marked our journey since day one! By dedicating traits represented in our metadata we could have members own their personal ducks and be part of our history -- That is if you don't burn them all --

Euphoria.25 - Duck burn

Before getting into details make sure to check out: #Euphoria25-ticket You all know by now that we have introduced a class system for our boarding process for EUPHORIA. By sacrificing a regular blue ticket and a duck you shall be rewarded with a rare red ticket. In order to keep the Red ticket supply rare we will, however, have a cap of 1'111 burns therefore only distributing 1'111 additional Red tickets.
This is only the beginning and more is to come!

Legion Of Duck - LEAP

As always we wanna keep things fun, light-hearted, and addictive... This is why our dev. team has outdone itself with a fun, simple game... Who can reach the highest score is in for a surprise.... Select the duck you wish to play with and leap as high as you can!
Prizes: 1st place: 1 Oculus Quest 2 2nd place: Human NFT + Red Ticket + 250ada 3rd place: Human NFT + Red Ticket This game is free for all, however, to participate in the competition you will have to submit your high score by using on of your ducks to reach the limits. This game is not only addictive and a test of endurance for your nerves but also a way for our dev. team to play around with web-based games with additional web3 dAPP integration. Hopefully, we are able to release more of our ideas soon.... Coming to all browsers near you! (except safari, because.... APPLE)
LEAP to heaven and see how far you can reach.

What's next for the ducks?

As mentioned above we have a lot of ideas for now but nothing is set in stone. The ducks are on an open policy which will allow us to bring them back when needed. We will make sure to keep you all posted when the time has come.