U25 Proprietary tech.

Lets get a bit nerdy...
Not only do we have a strong focus on ART and storytelling, our main goal was also to build and invest in a competent Dev. team to help us innovate and make sure we are able to push the limits no matter what. This year (2023) we have for aim to strengthen that and therefore expanded the dev team to start doing as much in-house as we possibly can. From small-scale game designs to complex drop mechanisms for our upcoming CIRCLE mints, we can do it all.
For any requests to utilize any of the tech shown below, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via Twitter or msg our team members via discord. or email us at [email protected]

Minting System

Our community of OGs is aware that we pride ourselves on providing a smooth minting experience and are committed to taking unconventional approaches to ensure this. We not only strive for a seamless minting process but also aim to make the user's experience with our minting system as intuitive as possible through a well-designed user interface.
Society minting system was a send to address mint whereby we dropped an address and a price and told users to send to the address in order for us to send to them a random token.
With the advance in tech, we were able to upgrade the minting system to dapp integration and do what is called a multi-witness transaction. Whereby the user signs a transaction and sends ADA plus receives their minted NFT at the same time. This eliminates a second transaction and quite a bit of tracking on the backend.
Duck count selection screen
Transaction screen

Burning system

The task may appear to be easy, but it is not without its complexities. We have made every effort to simplify the burning process and create a user-friendly experience for all. Our goal is to make the burning mechanism as smooth and seamless as possible. Our first burning system was the Ducks Burn. We wanted to show the user at all times what he actually owned including anything that was pending. This system made it easy for users to trade in a duck and a blue ticket for a red ticket. We made sure to keep track of all the details to make the experience as simple and straightforward as possible for the user. So you could always see what you owned as well as the status of all transactions.
Burn system in action, the yellow represents (chained) meaning the transaction is still pending but we are still grabbing the outputs. In theory you could take those outputs and make new transactions from them, but at that time all wallet dapps did not allow for chaining.

Redemption System (COMING SOON)

Our objective is to make the future drop system easy and stress-free. No need to worry about time zones or getting up early to mint. With the proper human and ticket, you'll have guaranteed entry to Euphoria. The entire drop process will be hosted on the official Universe.25 website and will be integrated with a dAPP
(Our system will support all popular Cardano Shelly wallets). You simply need:
  1. 1.
    to link your wallet to display the tokens you own
  2. 2.
    choose the humans you want to board the train.
  3. 3.
    select which ticket your human will use.
  4. 4.
    Board the train! Simple for you YES! Simple for us NO!
Initial wallet connect UI
Token selection UI
Boarding confiramtion UI
Thanks to this system, we are not only able to combine multiple NFTs to generate a new one, but also able to set parameters during mints. You want a Discount ticket? sure, You want a WL ticket? why not. You want to mint a reserved/specify NFT with that ticket? easy.

Collection Explorer

We are thrilled to announce that we are developing an incredible tool to help you easily navigate and explore your Universe.25 collections. This tool will be paired with a user dashboard that will allow you to personalize your profile, view your achievements, and receive rewards. Stay tuned for more information to come!
Human overview showing address search (can search multiple) with filters as well
Duck overview which can easily be toggled

Evolution Smart Contract (V2.0)

This is currently under early R&D and inspired by the work from Alessandro (@berry_ales) and his proposed CIP 68/69. More info coming soon, as we progress thru all the headaches.

Stake Pool Reward System

As of early January 2022, we have successfully created not only a dependable stake pool but also implemented a non-custodial NFT staking option for delegators. Through a versatile backend, we are able to compute weight and automatically distribute airdrops/rewards to delegators if need be. For more Infos check out #stake pool

Discord BOT

Our infamous bot ZIGGY, has been a fun outlet for us to create simple yet cool tools to provide some utility to our community. With simple discord slash commands, users are able to trigger simple actions to generate mobile and desktop backgrounds from their fav. NFT, to simply grab the high-resolution image of their human. Besides those fun little tools, ZIGGY allows our LORE team to explore new ways to interact with our community by creating complex interactive LORE drops. The outcome is unknown, the ending is unknown... all is decided by the community. Ziggy is a constantly evolving discord bot and we will keep building some fun simple tools for our community.
Generated Desktop (Left) & Mobile (Right) Background, by using command: /desktop & /mobilebg in our discord
A passion project of ours was this banner generator that allows everyone to generate and customize their PODs, which is the so-called "home" of your human living in UNIVERSE.25. In collaboration with MAXINGO, we worked on this first version of our banner generator and we aim to collaborate with even more dope artists from the space to create a wide range of assets to pick from. More to come soon.