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Failed Society

Wise individuals advise against dwelling on the past and instead focus on what lies ahead. Success often comes from overcoming failure, yet in our world, failure is often frowned upon and not openly discussed. However, despite any criticism, O'Brien remains dedicated to creating a brighter future for the mouse universe. Universe Laboratories shall not be making any further comments on the matter of Society.24 and..euhm.. any before that...


Society.24 was a failed society. Every universe needs an error and trial! Not every Human made it, many suffered to get us to the UNIVERSE25. How many failed before us you ask? 24! 24, experiments with no regard for human life, only one goal in mind! Plugging in as many test subjects as possible to UNVIERSE.25!
Drop info: Free Airdrop Mint date: 26. Oct. 2021 Supply: 5