Universe25 Team Members
Our team is composed of passionate advocates for Cardano, who are determined to have fun, build, innovate and make our community proud. We prioritize community and organic growth and approach our work with a sense of humor, mystery, and collaboration.
However, we also believe in creating meaningful and impactful projects that resonate with contemporary issues. By approaching serious topics with a playful attitude, we hope to spark deeper reflections among our audience. To keep our perspective fresh, we have also recruited individuals who are not from the NFT or crypto world but possess valuable skills that can contribute to our growth and innovation. Our motto: LEARN, IMPROVE, and DO THE BEST YOU CAN, will always remain at the core values of our team to ensure we keep things innovative. Max.25: The Janitor - Project Lead Flavio.25: The Procurator - Lead Artist Goerge.42: The Architect - Lead Dev Ivan.25: The Archivist - Investor Knockers.25: The Mistake - Project Manager Banjobob.25: The Intern - Community Manager Daniel.25: The Sociologist - Lead Writer ADHO.25: The Supplier - Artist PantsSleeve.25: The Mechanic - Dev.