What is Universe.25

Being a human-centric NFT collection we are proud to represent every human, everyone is welcome and has a voice. Currently, our world is quite hectic and full of controversy, however, we can all agree on one thing no matter what, WE ARE ALL HUMANS! This is why it is important to us to shed light on controversial topics by bringing our ART & STORYTELLING to create mindfulness around technological addiction among many other topics. This universe is a perfect playground for people to reflect on our current world by being heavily inspired by books such as "1984", "Hitchhiker's guide through the galaxy" among other authors, sci-fi movies from the 90s etc. (also helps to have some wacky writers in our team and community). Besides taking inspiration from books, we also dove deep into the UNIVERSE.25 research conducted by John Calhoun, however, we wanted to flip the scenario on its head and become the test subject rather than us testing on mice. His research was complex, scary, and fascinating. If you are looking for info we recommend watching this. (we highly recommend grabbing some popcorn and giving this video a watch)
We are passionate about our message and we hope that we can be a platform to reflect on us as a human species, all while having fun!
TL;DR: Our goal is straightforward: to develop an innovative, self-contained evolutionary NFT. In addition to the NFT aspect, we also aim to promote our upcoming clothing brand, HUMN, and expand our story across various media, such as games, comics, and more.
Our philosophy is to underpromise and overdeliver.

TL:DR Introduction to UNIVERSE25's lore

The name O'Brien evokes a sense of intrigue and wonder in every mouse in the world. His name is synonymous with a groundbreaking vision, immense wealth, and a brilliant mind that pushes the boundaries of science and technology. Oh, how our curious minds are captivated by this name! We can't help but savor the taste of those syllables, relishing in the endless possibilities they offer.
But O'Brien's grandest experiment yet is now underway- Universe 25, a simulated world where the limits of science and technology are tested to their very extremes. He claims that this ambitious project will lead us to a new understanding of the world and how to solve the biggest challenges in our society. But don't worry, these experiments are conducted with the highest ethical standards, the chosen test subjects are not mice but humans, but all the protocols are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all the participants. Come, observe the human subjects, and see the future unfold before your eyes.
Come and join us on our discord and hang out with other like-minded humans: DISCORD​